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Forum Principles
« dnia: Wtorek, 19 Sie 2008, 20:31:11 »
Welcome to the Members' Forum of the Confederation of the Polish Nobility (ZSzP). This forum is a private initiative of the members and above all serves the needs of the membership of the ZSzP.

Many of the sections of the forum, and the discussions in these sections, are open only to members of the ZSzP. This is the primary focus of the forum.

At the same time, from the very first day the new forum opened, we received requests to participate from individuals who were researching their family roots or preparing materials to submit in support of their membership application. Borrowing from the rules established in the e-mial discussion list "Szlachta" sponsored by the ZSzP (where open discussions of genealogy and heraldry take place) we created access for non-memebers in two new user categories "Sympatyk" (Friend) and "Obserwator" (Observer).

Friends and Obserrvors have only limited access to the forum. Essentially in addition to this section Friends have access to a number of thematic sections including Genealogy and Heraldry as well as a section devoted to Technical Matters. Guests can only access this one section.

We would encourage anyone interested in the history and traditions of the Polish nobility to regester for the forum! Registration is straightforward but requires confirmation by an administrator. English language menus are available for forum registrants on request. Anonymous users are not permitted. All letters must be signed by name.

Matters raised in this section (For our Guests) may relate to questions about registration or general questions about the forum. Questions related to membership in the Confederation of Polish Nobility (ZSzP) should be addressed to . There is a wealth of information about the ZSzP on the website at

Off topic letters or those whose content may be offensive are subject to deletion by the moderators.

To better understand the user categories:

1. Guest (Gość) - any individual visiting the forum.
Has very limited access, i.e. restricted to the Guest section only.

2. Observer (Obserwator) - any individual who has registered for the forum. Observers have greater access to the forum and access to a number of forum options. Observers have access to an area entitled "Autoprezentacja" (Self-introduction) in which they can introuced themselves to other users. After introducing themselves and having gained the confidence of the moderators or a reference from a ZSzP member an Observer may be reclassified as a "Friend" (Sympatyk).

3. Friend (Sympatyk) - Friends have access to most sections of the Forum (with the exception of those reserved exclusively for the use of ZSzP members). Friends have access to online chat functions and a greater number of fourm privileges than Observers.

4. ZSzP Member (Członek ZSzP) - Our members have complete access to all of the sections and functions of the forum (with the exception fo the administrative section and options that are reserved for moderators and administrators).

All registered users in any category have the obligation to display their full name in their Profile.
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